Bobby Garner - Owner

Why Us?

We are a small "mom and pop" repair and service company, located in Rural, Kentucky. The cost to run a small business is much lower than the local chain stores. We are able to take little overhead costs and pass them down to the customer. Including our promise not to charge a single dollar if we can't provide the work.

This is a passion side-business by me, the owner. I have been invested in technology and electronics since birth, sitting on my dad's lap as he would do computer repairs. Everything I do now started at a very young age, with dreams and admiration of electronic work. I have expanded my previously private business of circuit repairs into the open world for normal day consumers.

This business was created with customer satisfaction in mind. A lot of businesses charge outrageous prices for the sub-par work they do. Here at Garner Co Electronics, we aim to provide incomparable service and communication at the best prices you can find. We set out to achieve final end services for the long run, using only the most sophisticated equipment and OEM type quality materials. There are no corners cut in our ESD safe lab. We almost exclusively use the highest quality German tools possible.

Our electronic Metrology and diagnosing instruments are made from industry leading companies like Siglent, FLIR, JBC Germany, Tagarno, and more. You will not find these same diagnostic tools anywhere locally, which is why we believe we offer the best thorough troubleshooting and repairs around. We have spared little expense in the products we use in order to provide the most thorough work.


Please feel free to ask any questions, we stand by our communication promise which is lightning fast and 24/7. When offering our services, we will be crystal clear on pricing and part costs. Nothing will be done without consent first, then asking for payment later, unlike many repair shops. Have comfort in knowing we are taking great lengths to try and achieve perfection in our service. We will solve and fix any and all problems to the utmost best of our ability. We do not operate on any schedule except for those given by our clients.

Our work and techniques are not rated on how fast the work is done, but on the end product. No problem is too big or small, and we do not vary our work more or less on the monetary value of what we're working on. Everything will be completed equally and consistent across all boards.

If we can't provide or fix the product, you will not be charged. There are no hidden fees in our agreement.


"We are here to provide the best prices and the best service. Our end products are made with no compromises, and won't cost an arm or a leg."

- G.R.

Owner and Founder