At Garner Co Electronics LLC, we offer many types of different services, all relating back toward the elctronics and tech industry.


Phone and Tablet Repairs

iPhone/iPad, Samsung, HTC, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Etc.

Phone and Tablet Repairs.png

We offer many different services for everything phone related. We work on all brands, anything that can be repaired we do. We do everything in-house, as we stock most of the latest and industry-leading equipment for repairs. Some example services we offer are:

  • Cracked Screens

  • Unresponsive or Partially Broken Displays

  • Water Damage

  • Phone Carrier Unlocking

  • Phone Housing Color Changes

  • Battery Repair or Replacement

  • Charging Ports

  • Front and Back Facing Cameras

  • Unworking or Unreliable Buttons

  • Non-Working Speakers, Cutouts, or Low Volume

  • Fingerprint Sensors

  • Scratch and Dent Removal

  • Headphone Jack

  • Faulty Phone Signal

  • Virus Removal

  • Deep Circuit Cleaning and Removal of Foreign Objects

  • Broken or "Scratchy" Microphones

  • Circuit Board Diagnostics and Component Re-Soldering

  • Circuit Board Replacements

And much much more!



Laptops, Desktops, Etc.

PC, Mac, Linux, Server OS', Etc.

Computer Repair.png

We understand the pure stress most computers go through. These stationary or mobile devices are always being beaten up or put into situations where accidents happen. That's why we offer a full range of services for PC, Mac, Linux, or about any operating service. We do not stop only at repairs, as we can do diagnostic and upgrade services as well. Here are some examples of what we can fix and offer:

  • Water Damage

  • Slow Computer

  • Data Recovery or Extraction

  • No Power

  • Broken Displays/Screens

  • Keyboard Faults

  • Deep Circuit Cleaning

  • Slow Charging

  • Weak Batteries

  • Virus Removal

  • Operating System Upgrades, Reinstalls, Transfers, and So On

  • Network Troubleshooting

  • Hardware De-Bugging and Troubleshooting

  • Hardware and Software Installs/Upgrades

  • PC Tune-Ups

  • Graphics Cards

  • Memory (RAM) Upgrades

  • Motherboard Repair or Upgrades

  • Custom Computer Builds

  • Computer Controlled In-Home Diagnosing and Troubleshooting

  • Flash Memory/HDD Upgrades or Data Extraction

  • Professional Backup Service Installs

  • 220V to 110V rewiring (or vise-versa)

And everything related! Whether it be general maintenance or logic board level repair, we do it.

Data Recovery and Extraction

HDDs, Flash Drives, USB Sticks, SD Cards, Phone Data, Deleted Files, Etc.

Data Recovery and Extraction.png

We offer a service data recovery and extraction service. Many times due to hardware failure or accidental damage, it causes a domino effect of issues. We offer both in-house and third party reputable consulting for this process. We understand how important those files are, our lives are based on these electronics. So when backups don't exist, it feels as if  a big chunk of us has been taken away. Common data loss service examples we can work on could be:

  • Cell Phone Data

  • Water Damage

  • Physical Damage or Destruction

  • Corrupted File Systems

  • Images Lost

  • Document Deletion

  • Cellular records

  • RAID Data Recovery

  • Server Data

  • SAN (Storage Area Network) Recovery

  • SSD or HDD Data Loss

  • Desktop and Laptop Computer Data

Nearly all, if not all, data can be recovered. Even in the event of mass unrecoverable data loss, files can still be saved.

And Everything Electronic!

Electronics Repair.png

One thing we offer over our competitors is that there is no project too big or too small for us to handle! Most chain-type repair stores must meet a certain monetary return for the work to be done. Whereas we are a small professional repair shop, myself being the main technician, I enjoy what I do. And honestly, I would be doing exactly what I do now even if there wasn't a market for this. I highly enjoy the challenges and the satisfaction of fixing the "unfixable." We will always take our time with your repairs, as we have no set schedule controlled by out of touch bosses up the chain of command. Everything will be a personal touch from start to finish. Communication and fantastic end products are the number one goal at Garner Co Electronics.

Here are some examples of other types of services we offer:

  • TV Repair, Diagnostics, Color Correction, Calibration, and more.

  • Radio Repair, Tuning, Restoration, etc. on both Digital and Analog Devices.

  • Streaming Device Repair, Modification, Upgrading, Calibration, Setup, Etc.

  • Circuit Board Diagnostics, Repairs, Reflow Soldering, FLIR Thermal Inspection, Etc.

  • 3D Printing, STL Conversion, and Model Reworking for all prototyping needs

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services greatly vary, and with that comes a lot of different expectations we must live up to. We personally offer the best experience and work you can get. We take our work very seriously, and we will provide a clear pricing and service description. There will be no hidden costs related to the service. You will be charged nothing for advice or unsuccessful repairs. It's our guarantee to put the customer first.

- G.R.

Owner and Founder